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mybet Group

The mybet Group, licensed in several European countries to offer sports betting and online casino games, has its registered office in Berlin and locations in Cologne and Malta. mybet offers its betting and gaming products over the internet platform mybet.com as well as at land-based betting shops operating under a franchise system. In addition, the group supplies regional betting providers in Europe and Africa as a B2B service provider.

mybet Holding SE is the parent company of the mybet Group. The shares of mybet Holding SE (ISIN DE000A2LQ009) are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Prime Standard.


1986 Founding of ANYBET GmbH (formerly Designgruppe Transparent)
1997 Founding of JAXX GmbH (formerly E.I.P. Entertaining Interactive Productions)
January 1998 Start of JAXX.de, Germany’s first internet lottery agency
December 1998 Founding of mybet Holding SE under the name „fluxx.com AG“
September 1999 IPO of fluxx.com AG
February 2000 Takeover of the Austrian company JAXX GmbH, Lustenau (formerly Interjockey.com horsebet GmbH)
September 2000 Takeover of fluxx.com Telewette GmbH, a telephone betting agency
March 2004 Takeover of the lottery syndicates provider DSM Lottoservice GmbH
May 2004 fluxx.com AG is renamed FLUXX AG
September 2005 Takeover of Spanish gaming company DIGIDIS S.L.
January 2006 Takeover of Malta-based sports betting provider mybet (PEI Ltd.)
January 2008 Takeover of pferdewetten.de AG (formerly sportwetten.de AG)
June 2008 FLUXX AG is renamed JAXX AG
Oktober 2010 Conversion into a European Company (Societas Europaea; SE)
May 2012 Sale of lottery operations and the brand of JAXX for an amount of EUR 12.5 million
May 2012 mybet gets one of the first sports betting licenses in Germany (Schleswig-Holstein license)
July 2012 JAXX SE renamed mybet Holding SE
December 2012 mybet gets an online casino license in Schleswig-Holstein
January 2014 Appointment of Sven Ivo Brinck to Management Board
August 2014 Sale of DIGIDIS S.L. and DIGIDIS S.A. (Spain)
September 2014 Sale of MYBET ITALIA S.R.L.
September 2014 Advance notice of the granting of one of 20 sports betting licences in Germany to Personal Malta, a fully-owned subsidiary of mybet Holding SE
November 2014 Markus Peuler appointed Chief Financial Officer
August 2015 Zeno Ossko takes over the position as CEO from Sven Ivo Brinck
August 2015 Framework agreement with Amelco UK Ltd. for the major overhaul of the product portfolio
June 2016 Sale of pferdewetten.de AG
September 2016 CEO Zeno Ossko hands over his post to Markus Peuler
November 2016 Sale of C4U-Malta Ltd.
January 2017 mybet Holding SE moves registered office from Kiel to Berlin