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mybet – this is who we are!

People love sport, and many of them love betting on sport. Others have a passion for games involving money stakes. mybet offers the best products for these people and places their requirements at the centre of everything it does. With passion, professionalism, reliability and commitment.

We believe performance and content are more important than titles and status symbols. We trust each other, because we know every single one of us always has the fortunes of the company at heart. But we also make sure the individual’s work-life balance never gets out of balance.

We are communicative and open towards everyone throughout the company – our employees actively seek out knowledge and information on their own initiative. Our offices are located in the heart of Berlin very close to Alexanderplatz. Other locations are in Cologne and Malta.

We are an up-and-coming sports betting company which, for all its incorporated status of European Company, has the verve of a start-up. A place where everyone can move freely, develop freely and contribute their ideas.

If you are inspired by such an environment, expect much from your job and also want people to expect much from you, there may be openings in our company for which we need someone just like YOU!


I joined mybet in 2011 as Scrum Master, when we were still based in a back yard in Berlin Mitte and it all still felt like a start-up venture. The thing that captivated me from the start was the blend of young and old, with people of a wide range of nationalities working here. Everyone here shows tolerance and respect for each other, and that makes a job at mybet a very rewarding experience.

Stephan Voigt, Scrum Master

I’ve been working for mybet for a few months.
Even over that short time, I’ve come to the firm conclusion it’s a brilliant company with a fantastic culture, great values, fun, a creative atmosphere and loads of friendly, clever people from all sorts of countries. What’s more, mybet makes such an effort to support your personal development.
I’m really enjoying working here and I keep finding more and more reasons to stay here!

Xiaolu Zhang, Junior Affiliate Manager